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Five things: Day 8, Testaccio, Rome

1. Stumbling onto a bocce club and drinking a Campari soda amongst club regulars; feeling like I saw my grandfather in a past life
2. Finding myself wandering the streets around 4pm, collecting things for an aperitivo plate, not too unlike home but still so much better
3. Spending the day people watching in our neighborhood: the park (picnics with park benches standing in for tables), gathered around a long table at the bocce club, and at the evening block party, always gathered in groups, with wine, with food
4. Hearing (and catching glimpses of) a parade pass by our window while we were cooking dinner, a saint float held up high above the crowd
5. Eating cappelletti

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A little bit of Roman architecture

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Copenhagen, around town.

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Five things, day 7: Rome

1. Hearing the rain over Rome, on rooftops and old stone streets. 

2. Returning to my favorite gelateria from college and eating a giant cone in the ugly (but endearing in its familiarity) square nearby, then retracing my old walk to school.

3. Sitting in the amazing Piazza del Popolo people watching — most interestingly a group of Beiber-fan teenagers that just kept getting bigger and bigger. 

4. Voyeuring on the lives of Romans, pt 1: The macelleria and the pasta shop. So much witty banter I wanted to understand.

5. Being awarded for waiting on quite a long line (but not with tourists) at Da Augusto with the perfect caccio e pepe. And also the most rudimentary, indoor bathroom set up (imagine a doorless shower stall with a hole in the floor…). But it worked.

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Five things, day 6: Rome

1. The longest walk with no destination, punctuated by stops in every little pastry shop, butcher, cheese shop, and market we could find until we accumulated enough for a picnic and a sit.

2. Morning cappucini in a caffe just the way you’d imagine: people fighting for a spot at the bar, holding a cornetto in a napkin and chomping away, baristas yelling. We went every morning.

3. The easiest spot to eat our snacks just happened to be on the steps of the Tiber overlooking Castel Sant’Angelo. Rome is just a little gauche like that.

4. This little spot on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. 

5. A completely normal right at home, cooking pasta scooped up from our neighborhood market, drinking wine from 1998, and pretending like we were locals.

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